About Us

Our story

Our story started in the late '90s. We had no idea what downhill was and all we did was a ride from the top of the mountain. The most important thing was, to be the first to the nearest beer store in town. As our story went on, we started buying better bikes, upgrading them and racing.

We formed our own racing team and started creating national champs. For us, that was the point of no return. So what now...? After 18 years of downhill we know everything there is to know. We are racers, and we recognized the shortcomings of the frames that we ride, we know what the trails will look like in the years to come, how the geometry of the bikes will why the hell don't make our own bike!? That's how the idea was born!

The bike was created by an unusual synergy of scientists, racers and enthusiasts. Together we developed the kinematics, made the stress analysis and much more…


Address: Zagrebačka 89, Varaždin

Phone: +385 95 808 9493